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Chunky Knit Blanket - Stripes Pattern

Chunky Knit Blanket - Stripes Pattern

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Because of natural material, traditional craftsmanship and extreme pattern size, this stripped hand knitted chunky blanket will be the key element of your living room or will add a nice touch to your bedroom.  

The pattern with stripes is reversible, so you don't need to worry how you decorate your room with your chunky yarn blanket - it will always look great even if you just effortlessly throw it on the bed.


Every Chunky Knit Blanket is made only from the softest Merino wool.

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Care Instructions

Merino Yarn is soft and delicate. We recommend to dry clean only. 

You’ll receive a full care instructions with every blanket. 

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Chunky Knit Blanket

Every Chunky knit blanket is handmade in our artistic home decor boutique. We use only the best chunky yarn made from a soft merino wool.

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